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    • 13 Apr 2021
    • 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM (EDT)
    • Online
    • 120

    Dr. John DeDecker, Vice President of Exploration, Eskay Mining Corp. , and Post Doctoral Fellow, Colorado School of Mines

    Speaker Bio:

    John became interested in geology by way of landscape painting on the Colorado Plateau as a high school drop-out, and research telescope operator and lecturer at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, AZ. While in Flagstaff he developed the hypothesis for remote detection of extraterrestrial caves using thermal infrared imagery with Jut Wynne of Northern Arizona University, and Tim Titus of the USGS Astrogeology Science Center. John’s field work on the Earth-Mars Cave Detection Project’s Atacama and Mojave Desert expeditions convinced him to get a formal education in Geology.

    John received his B.S. in Geology, with an emphasis on mineralogy, igneous petrology, and mathematics from North Carolina State University. He did his M.S. at UNC Chapel Hill under the advisement of Allen Glazner studying the morphology and formation mechanisms of lava tubes. John completed his Ph.D. at Colorado School of Mines under the advisement of Thomas Monecke. His doctoral research addressed several outstanding problems with current genetic models for world-class unconformity-related uranium deposits. John developed a genetic model for and proposed a new type of hydrothermally enriched carbonaceous shale-hosted vanadium deposit at Iron Point in northern Nevada, and is expanding this research into the genesis of Carlin-type gold deposits.

    John was the Society of Economic Geology Student Chapter President in 2015-2016, and along with his fellow SEG officers spearheaded the development of a two-week hydrothermal geochemistry and volcanology field course in the Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand. He is currently flouting all dogma in economic geology while doing geological consulting as a founding partner of BOA exploration LLC, serving as VP of Exploration for Eskay Mining Corp, and conducting research on the genesis of ore deposits as a Post-doctoral Fellow at Colorado School of Mines.

    Talk Abstract:

    Eskay Mining Corp holds 130,000 acres in the Golden Triangle of British Columbia. These claims adjoin and share the same geology as the world-class Eskay Creek Mine, the highest-grade volcanogenic massive sulfide gold deposit in the world. Geological work conducted in 2020 by the team led by Dr. John DeDecker (VP Exploration) has led to a major revision of the understanding of the geology and styles of precious metal mineralization on Eskay's property. Notably, previously unrecognized stratiform mineralization identical to the lower mudstone and even lower mudstone horizons at Eskay Creek have been identified at the SIB, Lulu, TV, Jeff, C10, and Spearhead Au-bearing VMS deposits. These deposits represent VMS systems on both the western and eastern limbs of the highly prospective Eskay anticline. New drilling, re-examination of historic drill core, and field mapping has shown the Eskay anticline to extend much further south than previously mapped. A BLEG survey of the property conducted in 2020 has identified several unexplored prospects along the Eskay anticline and beyond.

    A $15 million 30,000+ meter drill program will be conducted in 2021 to expand the footprints of the Au-rich TV and Jeff deposits, follow up on several Au-bearing stratiform mineralized horizons at SIB-Lulu, and drill under-explored targets at C10, Tet, GFJ, and Spearhead. An extensive geologic mapping program will better define the geology of the Eskay anticline, and follow up on prospective areas identified by the 2020 BLEG program.

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    • 27 Apr 2021
    • 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM (EDT)
    • Online
    • 120

    Lynda Bloom, President, Analytical Solutions Ltd.

    After earning a M.Sc. at Queen's University in Geological Sciences in 1980, Lynda gained experience as an exploration geochemist planning and interpreting geochemical surveys across Canada and worldwide. She is recognized as a world-expert on assay methods and has traveled extensively worldwide to review sampling and analytical procedures. Since 1989, she has also gained public company experience as a senior executive and director.

    Lynda was awarded the 2013 Queen’s Jubilee Medal award for her dedicated volunteer work in the mining industry and the PDAC Distinguished Service Award in 2020. In addition to many volunteer committees, she served on advisory boards including the Ministry of Natural Resources-CANMET Advisory Committee, the Canadian Securities Administrators Mining Technical Advisory and Monitoring Committee and the Canadian Mining Innovation Council- Footprints Project Advisory Board.

    Talk Abstract:

    Since the introduction of NI43-101 20 years ago, the minerals industry has greatly improved monitoring and reporting on accuracy of assay data. In comparison, reporting on precision and using duplicate data to improve processes has lagged behind.

    The presentation will review

    • Options for communicating precision

    • The conundrum of core duplicates

    • Why comparing averages for data sets does not estimate bias

    • How to avoid selection bias

    • Potential solutions for better precision of gold grades (hint: Photon Assay)

    Live Online Broadcast:

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12 Sep 2017 Geology of the Barkerville Deposit
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25 Apr 2017 Mini-Symposium - Turning the Switch On: The Geology of Li-Ion Battery Materials and how to Evaluate Risk in Today's Markets
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17 Jan 2017 Evaluating the interplay of magmatism, tectonics, and basin redox in the genesis of the Wolverine volcanogenic massive sulfide (VMS) deposit, Yukon, Canada
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24 Nov 2016 Mini-Symposium - Innovation and Change in Mineral Exploration
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18 Oct 2016 Spectral, multispectral, hyperspectral: What works, what could work, and what will not work
27 Sep 2016 Ontario Geological Survey Geoscience Programs Update
13 Sep 2016 Structural Controls on Magmatic Ni-Cu-PGM Sulfide at Wallbridge Mining’s Parkin Offset Dyke Deposit in Sudbury, Ontario
17 May 2016 Transition Metals PGM-Ni-Cu Discoveries: Sunday Lake and Aer-Kidd, a Separation of 700 Kilometers and 700 Million Years
04 May 2016 Integrating multiple lines of evidence to define the exploration target range for the Castelo de Sonhos Paleo-placer gold Project, Brazil
19 Apr 2016 Mini-Symposium - The Big Bang: Understanding the Magmatic Controls of Mineral Deposits
05 Apr 2016 Alturas – A Recent High Sulphidation Gold Discovery on the El Indio Belt, Chile
18 Feb 2016 Geology and Mineralization of the New Afton alkalic porphyry Cu-Au deposit
10 Feb 2016 Murray Brook Polymetallic VHMS Deposit, Bathurst, New Brunswick
26 Jan 2016 From Sadiola to the recently discovered Boto Gold Deposit, 25 years of gold mining and exploration discovery in West Africa
15 Dec 2015 Mining Project Development Experience – Where Do Things Go Wrong and Why
18 Nov 2015 Mini-Symposium – Abitibi Gold: The next 135 million ounces
02 Nov 2015 TerraX Minerals Inc.
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18 Apr 2015 Mini-Symposium – Working Smart: Using the downturn in the economy as an opportunity
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09 Dec 2014 Exploration for Deep VMS Ore Bodies: The Hudbay Lalor Case Study
19 Nov 2014 Mini-Symposium – Canada's Mineral Landscape: Aboriginal Rights and Related Issues
21 Oct 2014 The Geologic Framework and Potential for Deep Seated Deposits at the Superior Project, Ontario
07 Oct 2014 Hardrock Gold Project, Geraldton, Ontario: Structural and stratigraphic settings of the deposits
23 Sep 2014 Timing and Controls on Gold Mineralization in the Abitibi Greenstone Belt
15 Sep 2014 Deep Mineral Exploration - The Next Economic Geology Frontier
09 Sep 2014 The discovery of the Goldrush deposit, Cortez Camp, Nevada
13 May 2014 Alexkor and the Richtersveld Land Claim – A retrospective diamond mineral property valuation case study
29 Apr 2014 Advancing Canada's newest gold district: The Borden gold project
09 Apr 2014 Mini-Symposium – Mexico Exploration: Finding the Treasure of the Sierra Madre and more
18 Feb 2014 Geometallurgical Modelling of the Dumont Deposit
04 Feb 2014 The Pistol Bay Gold Project, Nunavut, Canada A new district of Archean gold deposits in a variety of rocks - not just iron formation!
21 Jan 2014 Deep Mining Exploration reveals Ancient Waters of the Precambrian Shield
10 Dec 2013 OSC Staff Notice 43-705: a fair reflection of the mining industry’s recent performance?
21 Nov 2013 Mini-Symposium – Applied Earth Modelling: Better Targeting Using 3D Exploration
05 Nov 2013 The Curraghinalt Orogenic Gold Deposit, Northern Ireland. A Pot of High Grade Gold at the End of the Rainbow
22 Oct 2013 A multidisciplinary approach to the Attawapiskat kimberlite field: accelerating the discovery to production pipeline
01 Oct 2013 Discovery of the Mesel, Batu Hijau, and Elang Deposits, Indonesia: Successful Greenfields Exploration
17 Sep 2013 Exploring and Developing the Hope Bay Project: Approaches Both Old and New
28 May 2013 Do Recent Changes to Ontario’s Mining Act Make the Province a Less Competitive Jurisdiction to Explore?
14 May 2013 Sabodala Gold Mine, Senegal
30 Apr 2013 Key Elements for Mineral Exploration Success: An Example from Neves-Corvo, Portugal
16 Apr 2013 The Rovina Valley Au-Cu Project, Golden Quadrilateral, Romania: New Discoveries in an Old Mining District
02 Apr 2013 Economic geology of black shale – hosted vanadium mineralization in Xiushui County, Jiangxi Province, southeastern China
26 Mar 2013 Mini-Symposium – Laterites or Laterwrongs: Making the Pieces Fit
19 Feb 2013 Anna Fonseca – Infrared Spectroscopy Applied to Alteration Mapping
05 Feb 2013 Joe Hinzer – Challenging Mineral Property Evaluations
22 Jan 2013 Jean-Francois Ravenelle – Geology of the Eleonore Gold Deposit
04 Dec 2012 Jeremy Niemi – The Romero gold discovery, Dominican Republic
08 Nov 2012 Mini-Symposium: The future of mining and exploration in Canada
23 Oct 2012 John Ryder – Paleoplacers – Are Archean/Proterozoic diamondiferous placers/paleoplacers potentially new sources of diamond supply to meet the looming diamond shortage?
09 Oct 2012 Warren Bates – Geology, alteration and Geophysics an the Manfo Gold Project, Sefwi Belt, Ghana
25 Sep 2012 Brent Cook – Exploration vs. Finance and the Low Odds of Success
11 Sep 2012 Hernan Ugalde – Geological Modeling of Geophysical Data: Beyond the 3D inversion black box, v2.0
18 Apr 2012 Hamid Mumin – Iron Oxide Copper-Gold Deposits in Genetic Context
03 Apr 2012 Sally Pehrsson – A new evolution and architecture for the Trans Hudson orogeny and its use in targeting for world class VMS, Nickel and Gold deposits
20 Mar 2012 Jim Mungall – Formation of iron oxide and phosphate tephra of the El Laco volcano, Chile from an Fe-P-O-S magma.
21 Feb 2012 Sergio Cattalani – Discovery and Development of the Canadian Malartic Bulk-Tonnage Gold Deposit, Southern Abitibi, Quebec, Canada.
07 Feb 2012 Workshop and Mini-Symposium on the Complexities of Grade Estimation
24 Jan 2012 Xiaodong Zhou – The Use and Limitations of Aster Satellite Imagery for Exploration
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